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Display Requirements.

Thank you for your interest in the dog agility displays put on by our club. We are available for events within a 30 mile radius of our club base in Read.

Below is a summary of our requirements to put on a successful display.








Holding - We need a holding area, preferably near the display area, where we can keep the dogs safe and quiet when they are not performing.
Equipment - We need an hour to set up our equipment. The equipment should remain in position between the two displays. We need access to the display area for a 4 x 4 vehicle and trailer bringing the equipment.  

We bring our own sound equipment, usually in another 4 x 4, which also needs access to the display area.


Format -  We typically give two displays of around 30 minutes each.  Please allow one hour between displays to allow for recovery time of dogs and handlers, changes to the course etc.


Display - During our display, we would appreciate not having other displays going on at the same time because:

a) Sound loud noises will ruin our commentary and could scare the dogs. 
b) Audience attention it is better if no other events are going on at the same time, as our dogs like an appreciative audience!
Entry - If your show / event has an entry fee, our handlers can show their club membership cards if you wish, in order to save you sending us special tickets.

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